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I have truly been blessed by you and your homeopathic knowledge.

Ramya healed my … chronic allergy attacks of the sinus, bronchitis and asthma, and reoccurring hives. She also healed my depression and suppressed resentment.

I have learned to be assertive in a positive and healthy manner, which stabilized by marriage. On top of all that he treated me for grief . I have recommended family and friends to this wonderful doctor of homeopathy medicine.


About six years ago our daughter had a pronounced issue with constipation and a fear of having bowel movements.  She had gone as long as 12 days without a successful movement and was quite unhappy & uncomfortable . After one visit with Ramya and three or four doses of a constitutional remedy she was totally cured. Her problem was completely resolved and never returned.

…Annie and Mikey

I was suffering from Anal fissure, Rectal Bleeding Piles and Severe Constipation. I used to get severe cutting pains as of from knife or a glass in anal region while passing stool which would last for long time even after stool and that was accompanied by frank bleeding per anus. Just one dose of Homeopathic medicine given by Ramya at her clinic, my constipation is gone completely, I do not have any pain while passing stool and I do not have any bleeding per anus. My mood is also better than before. I feel I can face problematic situation better way than before. I am highly satisfied with her treatment.. Thank you very much Doc.!!


My son was suffering from Atopic dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis since he was 2 years of age. His skin condition over a period of time had become worse and we did not know what to do and were very much worried. I could not understand what was the cause. One fine day I visited RC homeopathy clinic at Homebush west. I was then consulted by Ramya who explained about my son’s skin condition and then started his treatment. I was very much relaxed and peace within myself after his consultation. To my surprise with 3 months of the treatment his skin and respiratory complaints were much better. Thanks  Ramya for taking great care and for being very kind. She is really a good and caring doctor. Keep it up.


Had a really very good experience at RC Homeopathy clinic, Never had I expected the change in my skin. My psoriasis has been improved by 85%. Ramya was treating me with great attention. I had a good doctor and patient relationship with her, couldn’t have a better doctor than her. She is the best doctor I have come across and has taken good care of my problem and have been very grateful to her. Overall experience was great. Thanks for everything.

…Pavan kumar REDDY

I, mahesh chander,  came to RC homeopathy clinic for my stomach problem. I used to feel a lot of flatulence throughout the day inspite of passing stool 4-5 times daily. After being treated at RC Homeopathy clinic, I am feeling perfectly fine. I am thankful to Ramya for her excellent care.

…Mahesh Chander

My two kids Ashish and Abhinay continually suffered from runny nose and throat pain that used to progress to severe infection. They were constantly on antibiotic treatment. As the frequency started to increase, the ENT doctor advised surgery for both, an adenoidectomy for one child and tonsillectomy for the other. Instead we came to RC Homeopathy Clinic and started our children on homeopathic treatment. Today, the frequency and severity of their problem has considerably reduced. In fact, for the last five months, they have not needed any antibiotics at all. I am hugely thankful to Homeopathic treatment and to Ramya for taking such good care of my kids.

…Neerav PANDEY

In a word, excellent. That’s how I would describe the treatment at RC Homeopathy clinic. I am Harris and I was suffering from a bad condition of warts due to which I was feeling self conscious and had started avoiding my friends and relatives. Before coming here, I had tried all kinds of different treatments like topical applications and even cauterizing (burning) the warts but nothing helped to cure my condition. Finally I started treatment at RC Homeopathy clinic. My treating homeopath ramya is highly skilled and very meticulous. For one year, I took the prescribed medicines religiously. At the end of that time, all my warts had completely disappeared. I am delighted to be cured and most thankful to ramya for her excellent treatment.

“Homeopathy for me has helped me through painful migraines, menstrual cramps and irregular periods when i had visited Ramya at RC Homeopathy clinic. Now I can understand the meaning of my dreams.

…Kristi MARTIN

“A friend highly recommended Ramya to me an year ago when my young son was suffering from seasonal allergies. The allergy symptoms were so severe that prescription medication seemed to be my only option. I did some research on homeopathy and decided to give it a try. Ramya prescribed a constitutional remedy for my son.

The results were amazingly dramatic. We were just looking for relief from the allergy symptoms, but many other changes occurred in my son immediately after taking the remedy. Along with relief from the allergy symptoms, he stopped bed wetting and lost baby teeth that were long overdue to come out.

Over the year my family has found relief from many symptoms including the flu, ear infections and anxiety–all without the side effects of conventional medications! I recommend Ramya without hesitation.”

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