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How Does Homeopathy Work?

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//How Does Homeopathy Work?

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A prescription/remedy in homeopathy works by stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities. So with the very first consultation, a homeopath accesses your condition by obtaining an overall picture of who you are, what your mental state is, what symptoms are you facing, how long have you been with the illness, what causes the symptoms to be better or worse, etc.

With this data in hand, a homeopath matches your symptoms with the best remedy.


What is expected from you?


Patience, as homeopathy brings about healing by reaching for the root cause and stimulating your own inherent vital force. Usually, a month’s time is needed for a homeopath to review the effectiveness of a remedy. If you experience an aggravation of symptoms, it is a good sign and indicates that the remedy is working.

Within this time, you may either experience a partial and/or full elimination of symptoms. Do keep a note and inform the homeopath in your next consultation.

Sometimes your prescription remedies may also need altering or tweaking during your treatment which is absolutely normal and means the homeopath’s efforts are hitting closer to the source.

These alterations are more common for chronic cases and enable the treatment to be more effective. Allow for a six-month term to pass by before deciding whether the homeopathic remedy is  right for you. Unlike conventional treatments that work with symptoms, homeopathy works with the cause.


A homeopathic remedy works with your energy


Everything around us  has a specific vibration or frequency that carries information.

Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine which treats the patient by working with his body’s energetic system. Based on the theory that every illness stems from a disturbed information pattern , the solution infused with memory (homeopathic remedy) in heavy dilution state is introduced in the body making it heal at the cellular level and that too with no side effects.

While modern medicine works with the chemical context, homeopathy serves to stimulate the natural vital force energy within the body.

Usually, factors like stress, a bad diet, lack of exercise and other polluting factors make this force diminish and get imbalanced. This vital force within us regulates all our body function to work in harmony and if it is accessed, which we can do effectively with homeopathy, can allow the body to self-heal.

Homeopathy has been proven effective both for chronic and acute conditions for nearly two centuries now. It addresses the root cause and establishes a harmonic balance within your body.

You can visit a well-trained homeopath with your existing signs and symptoms and get a suitable remedy in the first consultation itself.


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