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//Allergic Rhinitis Remedy In Homeopathy

Allergic Rhinitis Remedy In Homeopathy

Homeopathy For Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis remedy in homeopathy is getting increasingly popular to get rid of the accompanied annoying symptoms. If you are here, I assume that you also want to get rid of the same. By writing this article, my main aim is to make you and many more who are suffering from its symptoms be assured that this condition can be effectively relieved with homeopathy.

Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is a common reaction to harmless allergens present in the environment.

These common allergens may include mold, dust, pet hairs, animal dander, pollen, food allergies and other such irritants present in the atmosphere.

As the characteristic symptoms,  this condition is accompanied by the inflammation of the nasal passages, sneezing, runny, watery eyes, and itchy nose.

Allergic Rhinitis or hay fever symptoms can be easily differentiated from other conditions by looking at how frequently you receive such attacks. If such symptoms annoy you more than once in a single day, you may have allergic rhinitis.

There are two types of  allergic rhinitis mainly


Allergy appearing mainly during the spring or fall when the pollen content in the atmosphere is high.


Allergy occurring throughout the year

Allergic rhinitis can affect any age group but the symptoms are more pronounced before the age of 30. Though this condition is not life-threatening but still may affect the quality of life adversely.

What causes allergic rhinitis?

Since allergic rhinitis is not contagious, we cannot attribute its occurrence to any bacteria or virus  As known, It is caused primarily due to the hyperactivity of the immune system.

homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitisThis happens because of the faulty interpretation of the immune system to consider potentially harmless allergens present in the atmosphere as invaders, causing itself to produce antibodies against them that release chemicals such as histamines. These chemicals, in turn, cause the above symptoms.

Starting from your home itself, the possible precautions which you can take include limiting your exposure to pollens especially when the pollen count is high,maintaining a proper vacuuming schedule,  washing clothes and bedsheets frequently.


Ineffectiveness of conventional treatments in the long run

With regards to conventional treatments as they come with several side effects only visible in the long run, an increasing number of people are now shifting to natural therapies like homeopathy for the total elimination of this illness.

The conventional treatment serves to reduce the hyperactivity of the immune system by prescribing drugs containing antihistamines, steroids, and decongestants. Though symptoms can become dormant for some time, the immune system’s behavior is not yet controlled. It may again trigger up later causing more aggravated symptoms.

In current times, parents of the children suffering from hay fever are very concerned about their all-round development- mental, emotional and physical and therefore seeking the therapies offered  by homeopathy.

Allergic rhinitis therapy in homeopathy

When any foreign agent such as an allergen triggers the immune system it starts behaving as an immunoregulatory by  secreting excess mucus to deal with the invader.

With the remedies that are made from all natural products, homeopathy tends to reduce this hyperactivity of the immune system. When the immune system stabilizes, it again starts recognizing the environmental allergens as harmless for which it was hyperactive before.

As  homeopathy prescription is based on the principle that “like cures like”. So the same substance which caused the allergy in the raw state is used in diluted form to work on the very illness produced by it.

So as its inherent principle, homeopathic remedies are now available which are made from the allergen causing plants themselves to treat this condition effectively.

So wait no more if you have symptoms of allergic rhinitis, consult a well trained homeopath as soon as possible.

I am a well qualified homeopath residing in Sydney and would be happy to resolve your doubts and concerns. Just drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

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    Jaya Lal

    I have issues of chronic sinusitis and irritation due to internal hemorrhoids. I want to check if there is treatment for these problems in homeopathy.

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      Ramya Billa_Homeopath

      Yes, homeopathy has a very effective treatment for sinusitis and hemorrhoids.
      you can drop me an email at or call directly at (02) 9920 4006 for more information.

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