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//Amnesia Remedy in Homeopathy

Amnesia Remedy in Homeopathy

Amnesia Remedy in Homeopathy


Amnesia is a complete loss of memory such that the person is unable to recall past memories and/or lay down new memories.

As anyone can be forgetful at various instances which is normal. It should not be confused with amnesia which is rare.

When suffering from amnesia people may forget big events in their life, all time memorable events, or major facts learned since childhood.

They also find it hard to memorize new memories or use imagination.


Symptoms of Amnesia

• Can’t learn new information
• Can’t recall past events or experiences
• Uncoordinated movements
• Confusion

Causes of Amnesia

Our memory works by coordinating different areas of the brain.

When the brain gets affected as a result of physical injury or a disease, memory may get affected

But when there is damage to the hippocampus and thalamus, one may develop amnesia. The following can be the causes

• Illness
• High fever
• Seizure
• Alcohol-related
• Stroke
• Brain surgery
• Emotional shock

Amnesia as a result of physical injury

• Stroke
• Celiac disease
• Some sleeping drugs
• When a brain tumor affects memory
• Head injuries
• Seizures

Amnesia resolves itself without treatment but if any underlying mental or physical disorder is present, treatment is necessary.

A homeopath may suggest with psychotherapy, hypnosis, or any other supplements to improve the condition.

Depending upon analysis and as asked through a family member, a homeopath may suggest with other strategies as well.

Past memories, old photographs, his personal belongings or anything which can affect his memory can also become a part of treatment depending upon the case.


Common Types of Amnesia

Anterograde Amnesia

In this amnesia, a person’s short term memory gets affected and he may not be able to recall any recent event or information.

Retrograde Amnesia

Unlike anterograde trauma, here the person can remember the events before the trauma but not after it.

Transient Global Amnesia

Common in older adults and is the temporary loss of memory.

Traumatic Amnesia

Traumatic amnesia causes temporary loss of memory and is caused due to a hard blow to the head.

Wernicke Korsakoff’s Psychosis

Alcohol overuse may cause progressive memory loss.

Thiamin deficiency can also cause this amnesia

Hysterical Amnesia

Here the person not only loses his memory but also his/her identity. They lose a sense of who they are.

As is seen this kind of amnesia happens when the person is not able to cope up properly with a traumatic event.

The memory may return back after some time.

Childhood Amnesia

When certain areas of the brain do not fully mature during childhood, a person may not remember memories of his early childhood.

Posthypnotic Amnesia

Inability to remember events during the hypnosis.

Source Amnesia

Can remember information but not their source

Blackout Phenomenon

Excessive drinking can cause memory gaps


Can’t remember faces

Homeopathy for Amnesia Remedy

The homeopathic remedy is based on individual susceptibility and modality of complaints.

The severity depends upon the underlying cause and hence the homeopathic remedy.
The causes listed above may only temporarily disrupt the memory function and resolve on their own in some time.

Certain causes such as brain surgery and traumas may cause a permanent loss of memory.

Knowing your underlying causes, a homeopath will guide you through the right course of action.

When to get treatment of amnesia

When you see a person showing unexplained memory loss, having a head injury, showing disorientation, remain confused, he may have amnesia.

Any surgery or injury may affect memory function and affect the brain structures that are associated with the limbic system which controls emotions and memories.

Homeopathy is the best natural alternative for Amnesia.


If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies listed above . Consult a qualified homeopath

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