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//Dyslexia Remedy in Homeopathy

Dyslexia Remedy in Homeopathy

Homeopathy For Dyslexia

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability found in children. Unlike a normal child, they face trouble in simple reading, writing, and learning. Homeopathic medicines for Dyslexia are very effective in working on the root cause of this disability.

Whether it involves simple routine tasks or any other simple cognitive function, a dyslexic child faces a hard time implementing it.

Symptoms of dyslexia may vary and can range from mild to severe. This condition is experienced more in boys than in girls.

If not treated early, this condition can carry over to adulthood. Though getting it treated in childhood itself is recommended, dyslexia remedy for adults in homeopathy is also very effective.

Some of the early signals of dyslexia can be seen through their writing for such children have a tendency to omit words, transpose letters, misspell letters and/or write illegibly.

Such children struggle for even simple acts which other children of their age can do with ease. Even if dyslexic children learn something with dedication, they may either forget it or face difficulty putting it to words.

Also, some of these children have been observed having disturbed motor coordination.

These symptoms don’t make them unworthy in any way. They can have high IQs and can be very creative. It is just their method of learning is different. As is seen, these children show particular expertise in designing, music, arts, and drama.

Causes of Dyslexia

This condition runs in families and is mostly seen in children having a genetic history of dyslexia. Normally, children who have their parents, relatives or siblings with dyslexia are at a high chance to develop this condition.

Some other causes of dyslexia can be listed as

• Premature birth of the baby
• Exposure to harmful drugs during pregnancy
• Infection affecting the fetus brain

Research shows that for dyslexic patients, a certain area of the brain responsible for the processing of language does not work properly.

For them this area of the brain that should process this information remains inactive.

When a child learns to read, he first learns to process letters, then their sound and then eventually form the words and their meaning.

For a child with dyslexia, there is a tough time understanding this formation. This is what causes difficulty in their reading, writing, and learning

Reading and spelling

A dyslexic child often confuses letters, symbols, and words. Thereby you would find them transposing letters, omitting some, substituting with other irrelevant letters and so on.

If they try to read, this reading disorder causes them to do so with little grasp. Such children may also see words and letters jumping.


Like reading and spelling, he may also face difficulty in writing. Even if he writes, it will be illegible or difficult to comprehend.

Likewise, when anything is dictated, they face extreme trouble to put it to words.


They can’t remember information that is learned but if they experience it, they can recall it.

Experience, observation and visual aids as I mentioned above can serve their best ally.

Homeopathy for Learning Disorder in Children

Science shows, such children lack a special pathway known as a magnocellular pathway between eye and brain which causes this puzzling behavior.

Homeopathic remedy for dyslexia at an early age ensures that your child is relief in the safest way possible.

Giving consideration to the growing children’s needs, homeopathic remedy does not in any way hamper your child’s normal growth rate as is done by western medicine.

Consult a Homeopath Now.

You can also supplant a homeopathic prescription with specially modified teaching methods, educational environment, special tutoring, summer school, speech therapy, or placement in special classes to help them better cope up with the learning challenges.

As a homeopathic practitioner, I believe that these children can excel if their creativity is enhanced through proper learning and teaching methods.

For example, what a normal child learns in thought is remembered but a dyslexic child may need the experience to ingrain it in memory.

Therefore along with homeopathic remedy, I recommend parents to incorporate the following measures for added advantage

• Make them practically experience things for improved learning
• Use visual aids
• Demonstrations
• And last but not the least be patient with them

As mentioned above, a dyslexia child suffers at all emotional, mental and physical levels. Low self-esteem and self-worth make their life even more challenging.

Taking an early homeopathy remedy is the best decision which you can make for your child.

Unlike conventional treatments which can affect your child’s natural body and hormonal functions – homeopathy is entirely safe, non-addictive, natural.

The earlier you expose him to homeopathy, less will be his challenging time.

As a homeopath will consider all his mental patterns, you will see a drastic change in his overall well-being. But as this remedy works to stimulate the body’s natural forces, patience will be required.

One of the biggest concerns about dyslexia is the amount of psychological stress it develops for a child. For he start seeing himself less than other children of similar age performing better in academics, learning activities, and likes

Over the counter drugs do not consider this important consideration. It is only after the damages become visible that one comes to realize the harsh side-effects of these drugs.

But if you expose your child to the healing light of homeopathy, he receives an overall well-being.

Sometimes as I have seen with multiple cases, working on the emotional level heals behavioral patterns as well which are seemingly irrelevant to the condition.

With the remedy of homeopathy, your child feels genuine relief and starts to feel motivated as his emotions are put to control. This further adds up to help him achieve a fast recovery.

Do not self medicate the above remedies. Above I have presented a generalized list of remedies for particular dyslexia disabilities. What remedies will suit your child can be best ascertained after consultation with a homeopath.

If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

You can also take services of our online homeopathic medicine store in Sydney, Australia.

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