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//Homeopathy for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Homeopathy for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Homeopathy Remedy For ADD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD (also known as ADD -attention deficit disorder) is a common mental disorder of children which if not treated can continue to adulthood as well.

ADD disorder can show one or more patterns

Inattention: Person lacks focus, found difficult to concentrate
Hyperactivity: Constant movement and extreme restlessness
Impulsivity: Make actions without thinking first

These behaviors can be present in some amount in all the kids but for ADD kids, these behaviors can be more pronounced.

A child suffering from ADD finds it difficult to interact normally in social situations. He also finds it difficult to focus and participate in school activities.

ADD symptoms in adults may include difficulty managing in the workplace-may be disorganized, unable to communicate or interpret fellow workers, difficulty in sustaining a job, etc.

There are various medications and therapies available today to treat ADD.

Depending upon the need, medications and therapies may vary slightly between individuals.

Mostly a combination of medication and therapy works best to relieve the ADHD symptoms.

The remedies available can not entirely cure the disorder but help manage the condition and make life less stressful.

These remedies can be taken on a daily basis or as recommended by a homeopath.

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There are two class of medications namely stimulants and non-stimulants which are used to treat ADD symptoms


These medications increase the production of chemicals- dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. This increment helps increase focus and attention.

But since the stimulants are basically over the counter drugs, they lead to various side effects.

Natural therapies such as homeopathy are entirely safe and natural. The remedies nudge the vital force for self-sustained healing to take place. This natural remedy, in turn, enables them to heal on all planes- metal, physical and emotional.

In homeopathy, each case of ADD is treated as unique for a homeopath also learns something new with each ADD case.


Stimulants come with various side effects which may last for a few days but in some cases may extend and need intervention by a specialist.

Sometimes it is recommended to shift from stimulant to non-stimulants.

Non-stimulants increase the brain activity in certain parts of the brain responsible for attention and memory and help relieve ADD symptoms.


Some of the possible side effects of stimulants and non-stimulants include

• Increased BP
• Heart rate
• Loss of appetite
• Stomach ache
• Mood swings, etc
• Allergic reaction
• suicidal thoughts
• Personality change
• Nervousness
• Dizziness


Even if you try to tweak or make some changes in these medications, it is not worth the adverse effects when natural healing modalities are available.

A growing child’s inner anatomy is different from an adult and may need treatments that don’t harm his hormone or growth levels.

It is sad that people still are unaware of the alternative therapies such as homeopathy for ADD which works safely to manage the condition of your child.

Unlike conventional treatments which have side effects in the long run, with homeopathic remedies for ADD your child’s condition will only get better as the remedies are all natural and safe.

Consult a homeopath today.

Homeopathy for ADD

Homeopathy has shown remarkable results to relieve the ADD symptoms in children as well as adults.

Coming with no side effects, this alternative therapy for ADHD not only provides relief from the outer symptoms but also addresses the inner emotional, mental and behavioral concerns that are manifesting as the problem.

Two similar patients having ADHD may though show a similar behavior but the essence of homeopathy is to pick up the difference in individual personalities and prescribe with the most effective remedies.

Certain behavioral therapies can also be supplanted with homeopathy depending upon the need and your consultation with a homeopath.

Popular ADD Therapies

Behavioral therapies

This ADHD therapy involves training the child to learn good behaviors via a reward system whereby he feels motivated enough to learn basic habits.

At the same time, he is made to realize when his behavior is faulty.

This therapy involves not only the child but parents and the teachers as well.

While parents may be involved in motivating the child, a teacher may design activities for this training.

Ask for the suitable therapies for your child during consultation with a homeopath.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

By talking to the child, he is trained to pay attention to his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Suffering from ADHD itself adds stress and anxiety in the life of an individual.

This therapy helps develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore helping the sufferer come out of stress, anxiety, and depression this therapy serves to inculcate a positive environment for improving their behavior.

Social skill group and parents training

Helps the child to develop a behavior that helps him speak up and behave properly in social situations under the guidance of a professional.

There are specially designed programmes especially for parents with kids diagnosed with ADHD.

Homeopathic remedies for ADD

Homeopathy which is one of the best alternative natural remedies for ADHD offers a highly personalized treatment to improve the mental faculties of your child.

This alternative therapy stimulates the body’s own healing powers.

Unlike over the counter drugs which can create a lifelong dependency and that too with various side effects, here  minute small doses of the remedy helps bring about healing that is long lasting.

They can even be taken along with other conventional treatments. Consult a homeopath if you are planning to shift to homeopathy.

Getting proper consultation will help your child well manage the ADD condition. Buy homeopathic remedies from a genuine homeopathy store in Australia.

Note: Do not self-medicate any of the remedies mentioned above.The homeopathic medicines listed above are generalized. For remedies most suitable to you consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

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