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//Homeopathy for sinusitis: Best natural remedy

Homeopathy for sinusitis: Best natural remedy

Homeopathy For Sinusitis

What is sinusitis?

A very intense pain at the center of the skull, an increased sensitivity to simple facial touches, pain inside the eye as if eye sockets are coming out, pain in teeth, blocked nose, and/or a headache- These can all be the symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinuses are air-filled cavities located within the skull bone. Some of the common locations include cheekbones, behind the nose bridge, forehead and the upper region of eyes.

When do sinuses develop sinusitis?

Just like the soft lining present in your nose, there are lining present inside sinus regions as well.

As a natural cleansing process due to the exchange of air by sinuses with the environment via nose opening, mucus develops which must be expelled out through this common opening.

Now, when you develop an allergy or a cold infection, these sinuses get blocked causing the mucus inside these cavities to get filled up only to produce more bacteria, viruses and infection.

Other effects of these blockages may include swelling, pain, and irritation. This inflammation of the sinuses is termed as sinusitis.

Though not common, sinus often gets blocked due to following reasons as well

  • Change in air pressure due to heavy exercise, swimming, jumping and flying
  • Polyps-a deviation in septum
  • Inflamed tooth


If allowed to proliferate, these blocked sinuses can also create ear infections and pneumonia.

Common symptoms of sinusitis

  •  Persistent sneezing
  •  Facial tenderness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  •  Loss of smell
  •  Change in voice
  •  Heavy forehead
  •  Pus-like Nasal discharge


The symptoms may vary widely depending upon the sinus that gets affected. For instance, if the sinus behind the nose and eyes gets affected there is an inflammation of tissues around the eyes. On the contrary,  if maxillary sinus gets affected, one may experience pain in jaw and teeth.

Thus, depending upon the sinus , a homeopath might suggest a slight variation in the remedy for the remedy to be highly effective.

Homeopathy for sinusitis

Conventional treatments involving the use of nasal sprays, decongestants, analgesics, etc may seem as compelling options to get instant relief. But, it is only later you realize the consequences when the disease returns back with more aggravated symptoms.

Treating just the outer symptoms, they are not a one-time solution. Unlike in the cases of polyps- a deviated septum, for treating chronic sinusitis, surgery is very effective.

That’s why we recommend opting for safer options even when noticing the symptoms in their acute stage itself so that a surgery can also be avoided in later stages. Perhaps, who wants to dig up the skull.

Homeopathy for sinusitis works safely and is clinically tested for its healing effects.

Homeopathy while working on the underlying cause also helps relieve the symptoms. The homeopathic remedies create similar symptoms with minute doses of the similar substance which created the illness in the first place. A resonance is created for self-healing to take place.

Unlike conventional treatments, a homeopathic remedy is not palliative. Instead, it  works on the causative factors to provide an overall relief.

Apart from the natural therapy benefits homeopathy offers, it also seeks to raise the body’s inherent natural defenses.

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