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//How to stop bedwetting naturally?

How to stop bedwetting naturally?

Homeopathy Remedy for Bedwetting

How to stop bedwetting can have many answers. Either one can go for instant conventional treatments or with the ones which work naturally.

Natural therapies is the one which I recommend and this article will clear you why.

What is bedwetting?

Bedwetting is an involuntary phenomenon whereby a child is unable to control the passage of urine, perhaps due to a lack of signal to the brain during the night. Some other common names used to refer bedwetting are urinary incontinence or nocturnal enuresis. This condition is two times more common in boys than in girls.

This condition is nothing to be afraid of since homeopathy has a very effective remedy available for the same.

So let us first discuss the two categories of bedwetting

Primary bedwetting

When a child is less than 5 years of age and the nerves in his bladder are still not mature enough to send signals to the brain at night, primary bedwetting is common.

As time passes, this condition heals automatically. But if it continues for an age greater than 7, medical intervention is necessary.

Secondary bedwetting

When your child’s bedwetting habit returns after a significant gap of at least 6 months it can be of concern as it might be indicative of some problem in his inner anatomy.

Bedwetting causes in older children

• Genetic factors
• Small bladder
• Less production of the Antidiuretic hormone
• Sleep apnea
• Diabetes
• Food allergy
• ADHD –attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Infection
• New school
• Birth of a new child in the home
• Nightmares

As pertinent with its symptoms, parents of the child may also feel embarrassed.

This embarrassment may in time reflect through their behavior towards the child further affecting the child’s psyche.

At this stage introducing a child to conventional treatments that are palliative may only do more harm than good. Their growth rate might also get affected when their immune system is still under development.

How to stop bedwetting naturally?

The answer is Homeopathy-the best natural therapy for bedwetting, as the homeopathic remedies which are all natural, safe and non-addictive restores inner vitality to self-combat the bed-wetting condition.

Further, the best part is that a homeopath tries his/her best to bring about a healing naturally whether this involves suggesting only certain lifestyle or behavioral changes when remedies can be avoided.

Even if remedies for bedwetting are prescribed, the heavy diluted state may not in any way hamper your child’s hormones or growth rate as in the case of conventional treatments.

Increasing number of parents are thereby realizing the need for natural therapies. Homeopathy, which caters to both psychological and physiological behavior effectively, brings about an overall well-being of your child.

Unlike conventional treatments which use a disease label for all the patients whose symptoms may or may not differ, homeopathy’s inherent principle is to create a symptomatic picture unique to each patient and then prescribe remedies accordingly.

For instance, if your child is not quick enough to go for urination followed by a sudden urge, the best remedy is Kreosotum. For large quantities of urine passed at night.

If you still have any doubts leave me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

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