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//Menopausal Symptoms Can Be Stressful.Try This Remedy

Menopausal Symptoms Can Be Stressful.Try This Remedy

Homeopathy For Menopause

Menopause is a normal condition which all women experience as they age. Marking the end of her fertility, menopause includes the changes in a woman body before or after she stops menstruating.

As per the stats, the average reported age of menopause worldwide is 50.

With the onset of menopause, which is followed by a transition phase, the female ovaries stop their regular function of producing the female hormones namely estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen regulates the female’s productivity cycle while the progesterone prepares the body for pregnancy. The production of these hormones starts declining in late 30’s. The lack of these hormones causes several mental, emotional and physical changes  that can affect a woman’s well-being and overall health.

The transition phase mentioned above is a gradual process whereby a women’s body starts showing menopause symptoms even before the actual menopause. 

This phase is also known as perimenopause which covers the time around the menopause.

From there on starts the post-menopausal phase which covers the time after the menopause.

Menopause is simply a natural phase which occurs at the late 40’s and 60’s but as this includes certain hormonal changes, women undergo a metamorphosis like state which can bring significant changes to her body that carry over for the rest of her life and therefore she may need a consultation with a homeopath

Normally, one should wait for 1 year to see if it’s a menopause but the below symptoms and signs can alert you beforehand so that you can consult a doctor and retain your health balance

Menopause symptoms

Hot flashes

A feeling of warmth in the face, neck, chest followed by irregularity in blood circulation.

These flashes usually occur to make your body cool by breaking you out for sweat and can last from 30 s to some minutes.

As noticed, some women may also report these flashes even before the actual symptoms of menopause.

There is no set analysis to detect when they will occur, but as seen their frequency decreases over time.

Sleeping problems

When you have trouble falling asleep, it may be one of the signs that you are heading for a menopause.

But sleeping problems can also be caused due to night sweats, insomnia, sleep apnea, etc. In that case, it might become difficult to differentiate whether the symptoms are due to menopause or any other sleep disorder.

So, we advise you to consult a well trained homeopath who will analyse your symptoms well and heal the root cause with all natural remedies.

Emotional changes

Since this is a phase where a woman undergoes various hormonal changes, she may feel mood swings, depression, stress and anxiety

This, in turn, can also contribute to a disturbed sleep cycle causing fatigue, tiredness, and lack of interest in life.

Physical changes

A variety of physical changes also occur. This includes building up of fat in the belly, hips and the lower area which ultimately leads to obesity and weight gain.

Other changes include thinning of hair and skin, stiff joints, wrinkles and adult acne.

Homeopathy for menopause

As a woman can undergo various emotional changes on and after the menopause, simply treating symptoms as in the case of conventional treatments will leave untouched those concerns which affect other areas of her life.

Homeopathic remedies of menopause not only treats your post and pre-menopausal symptoms but also locates other seemingly trivial behaviors that may be interfering with your lifestyle, mood or behavior. Thereby improving the patient’s overall health.

There are various other symptomatic remedies available under homeopathy which can suit your specific condition and unique requirements.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to consult a well-trained homeopath before opting for any self-medication as a homeopathic practitioner can set the right dose, usage and frequency for healing to take place effectively.

Homeopathic remedy for menopause can be the ultimate relieving modality for you if you have had enough of those treatments that provide only a short term relief.

If you still have any doubt, please feel free to drop me a message at and  I will get back to you soon.

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