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//Migraine Remedy in Homeopathy

Migraine Remedy in Homeopathy

Homeopathic Remedy of Migraine

A migraine is an intense pulsating pain usually occurring unilaterally on one side of the head accompanied by symptoms such as sensitivity to light, sound, smell, vomiting, nausea, etc.

It is a disturbance created in the normal functioning of the brain due to an imbalance in nerve cells, brain chemicals or vessels.

Although, research has still not been able to dive deep enough to know the exact cause of the migraine, paying attention to its various triggers- one can alert himself in advance.

So, if you are one of those migraine attack sufferers, it will be really helpful for you to keep a diary where you can jot down the likely physical, emotional and environmental triggers specific to you.

In natural therapies of migraine such as homeopathy, a homeopath pays close attention to these triggers as they help him develop an overall symptomatic picture to suggest suitable homeopathic remedies.

On the contrary, other treatments simply work on the disease label and prescribe remedies  for all individuals alike.

Now since they are not treating the unique you, the symptoms might not fully heal. Though you may feel temporary relief but at the cost of other harms they do to your body.

Other than the usual triggers, a homeopath may also pay close attention to factors such as  genetic predisposition, age, and gender that define an individual’s susceptibility to a migraine headache.

If we look to gender as a factor, young boys before puberty are more likely to develop it.  But after puberty, when estrogen levels change, women may face it more frequently. Likewise here also, a homeopath may choose his/her prescription accordingly.

Here is the list of most common migraine triggers


Diet-related triggers combined with various other triggers can create a very intense migraine headache. Some of the common food and drinks which can cause these headaches are


Artificial sweeteners

Excessive caffeine intake or withdrawal


Aged cheese

Improper sleep cycle

Migraine may also develop if you are  not taking proper sleep. Too much or too little sleep both can be equally responsible to cause a migraine headache.

Try to maintain a proper sleep schedule or if it still doesn’t help and you need medical help try considering  homeopathic remedies for migraine. Being all natural, it’s safe and comes with no side effects.

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Excessive use of Medications

As the pain associated with a migraine is pounding in nature, one may have to rely on headache relieving medications.

Sometimes people become dependent on it so much that they may overuse it far more than necessary and develop a rebound headache. This kind of a headache is also known as the medication overuse headache (MOH).

If it is not replaced with natural therapies like homeopathy, naturopathy, or other natural remedies, this pain may in some time become chronic in nature.

Anxiety and stress

In the current scenario where anxiety, stress, and depression are surging up, it is not uncommon to develop a migraine headache.

The converse is also true. Many people dreading the symptoms of migraine-like numbness, blind spot, flashing lights, speech disturbances, etc either due to family history or self-doubts, may also develop this concern.

Introduction of proper natural remedies such as homeopathy at this stage help you get relief from the stressful symptoms by stimulating your natural healing abilities.

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Certain exercises requiring intense physical exertion, may also cause one to develop a migraine headache. By changing such regimen, people are sometimes able to lessen the effect of a migraine.

So, what kinds of movements create this condition?

Very abrupt movements like turning suddenly, bending, rotating, etc.  Examples of such sports include swimming, football, tennis, running, etc.

During your consultation session with a homeopath,  you will be guided through various lifestyle shifts as well that help boost your recovery time even further.

Overall you not only get an all natural management of migraine but also an overall improvement on all planes.


Modern medicine can provide you with an instant relief initially but may cause several side effects later, the effect of which are not known fully and are undergoing continuous research.

With constant use, these medicines may pull you in a dependency loop where you start accepting it as a part of life.

I can understand, as this is only possible if you have until now not known how effective homeopathy can be.

Homeopathic remedies for migraine works to eliminate the root cause so that you don’t train yourself to live with it, instead learn to defend it.

Note: Please consult a well-trained homeopath before taking any remedies.

If you still have any doubt or concern, please feel free to drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

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