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//5 Amazing Natural Remedies for Cough and Cold

5 Amazing Natural Remedies for Cough and Cold

Homeopathy For Cough and Cold

Having a weak immune system, common cold finds your body as an optimum host.

Even more, worse is the fact that it doesn’t come alone, rather brings along with it a host of other symptoms. These include coughing, sneezing, nasal irritations, sore throat, runny nose.

Though these are just the symptoms, they can start affecting your routine life as well.

Tempted to look for an easy and fast relief, what most of us overlook are the harmful effects of high chemical drugs and antibiotics in the long run. But strangely enough, they provide a temporary relief by temporarily hiding the outer symptoms, leaving the root cause untouched.

Here, homeopathic remedies serve as an ultimate option as they are prescribed only after the careful study of your individual mental, emotional and physical behavior.

Make sure to consult a well trained homeopath as early as possible in case the symptoms get worse.

Other options that can promise you a natural healing include natural herbs and spices easily available at your home, having a very negligible cost as compared to the antibiotics and that too with minimal or no side effects.

These herbs and spices have a lasting and beneficial effect on your immune system.

Though common cold and flu are self-healing after a duration of seven days, it doesn’t hurt to ameliorate the symptoms even before with some of the natural home remedies for cough and cold..

Note: As a preventive measure, you can try these remedies even before being affected by the common cold. These can be used both for dry and wet cough.

Turmeric milk

Due to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties this golden spice serves as an excellent ingredient to combat cough and its associated symptoms.

It also helps release the irritating feeling which indicates the starting of a cough.

How to use: Add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of milk and heat it for some time. Drink it lukewarm or hot to have a calm and healing effect on the symptoms.

 Steam inhalation

Steam helps moisten the dry nasal passages and release the mucus.  By moistening the inflamed areas, steam serves to release that itchy feeling at the back of sore throat.

How to use: You can boil some water in a bowl. Cover your head with a towel such that the steam can only enter your nose. Do this procedure for a few minutes several times a day.

If this looks cumbersome, opt from a variety of humidifiers, steamer, and vaporizers easily available in the market.

Gargle with salt water

The very first remedy which your mother and grandmother prescribe you is the salt water owing to its ease of availability and moisture absorbing properties.

Salt helps wipe out the moisture not only from the affected area but also from the infection-causing bacteria itself.

Further, it also layers the treated area to prevent it from getting further infected.

How to use: Add a pinch of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle. Make sure to finish the entire glass of water for this process.


Regarded as a cough suppressant, can either be used alone or in combination with various other spices.

How to use: Combine honey with tea or hot lemon water.

Also, you can mix it with pepper and ginger to prepare an alternative for cough syrup. Use this mixture several times of the day.

Also, note that a cough is just an external response to our inner stimuli to expel out the pollutants that enter our nasal passages on exposure to a polluted environment.

Homeopathy for cough and cold

All the conventional treatments use high dose drugs/pharma to suppress the cold symptoms. These continuous suppression in time lead to various grave concerns.

Also this could mean that your vital force stops performing its usual function and leaves your body even more vulnerable to a host of other illnesses/diseases.

As research says, over the counter drugs can be very harmful for kids below 2 years of age and for other age groups they may  create a worsening effect in subsequent times.

Homeopathic treatment has shown itself to be very effective for healing respiratory issues. Coming with no side effects and all natural therapies, one can take them safely.

What symptoms do you have? How long have they been affecting your vitality? Or what dosage or frequency of the pills may alleviate your pain and eventually heal your body, this all can be known after consultation with a qualified homeopath.

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    Nice info
    I love it. However it could be bit longer unless if u have plans to write another article on the same topic


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    I had a chronic cough for almost 3 months . Thanks to rchomeopathy I got my remedy urgently made and I got healed in a day. I am very thankful for your fast service . I would have been gone to the hospital otherwise. I experienced short of breath , constant cough from post nasal drip and sleepless nights. I will be in touch soon for other concerns. Thanks again.

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