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//Prescription Drugs Can Cause Memory Loss. Here’s What to Do.

Prescription Drugs Can Cause Memory Loss. Here’s What to Do.

Homeopathy For Memory Loss

Prescription medications are one of the leading causes of deaths.They are as harmful as other illicit drugs, alcohol or other recreational drugs.

If continued to be used for a long time, you may see a person getting a memory loss.

Yes it is obvious that if you don’t know about natural treatments you may look at these drugs as a source of instant relief. But it is only after some time when you experience the harmful side effects that you begin searching for alternate remedies.

What Causes Memory Loss and Forgetfulness?

These medications can affect the neurotransmitter level in the brain and are one of the prime causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Still unknown of the consequences, many seniors might attribute their memory loss to the general ageing process and keep taking these medicines.

These medications are generally not recommended to the elderly having  65+ years of age. As their body itself slows down the production of neurotransmitters linked to memory , prescribing these medications can be fatal for their memory.

Here are three of the most common prescription drugs that create a memory loss


These drugs are prescribed to treat conditions such as  poisoning, urinary incontinence, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and various other diseases.

Medications that can cause memory loss include medicines such as antihistamines, anti-psychotics, antibiotics, and antihypertensives.

But all this is done by affecting the levels of acetylcholine- a neurotransmitter responsible for  memory and learning functions. This level is changed by preventing acetylcholine to bind with its receptors. Consequently, the parasympathetic nerve impulses are blocked.

These signals are responsible for managing the involuntary functions (functions not under our control such as digestion, salivation, mucus secretion and likes).

So by now, you must have grasped the consequences. The medicines are not a complete solution for your health concern but work by affecting some other body function.

In time, a dependency loop will be created whereby you become addicted to these medications along with a need to get more drugs for the side effects created by the former.


As I told above patients above the age of 65 are not recommended with Anticholinergics. But nevertheless they are harmful for all ages.

Also, if you already have from the list below, any of the conditions, you should refrain from  Anticholinergics and opt for alternate natural treatments such as homeopathy.

  • Dry mouth
  • Heart failure
  • High BP
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Constipation
  • Liver problem
  • Urinary tract blockage
  • Hypertension
  • And  many more


In any case, if you take homeopathic natural remedy for memory loss , you can heal the condition safely and without any harmful side effects.

In old age also where these treatments can in most times damage the already deteriorating body of the elderly, natural remedies serve well.

The best part about homeopathy is its ability to work through the natural healing force already available within your body.

Unlike other treatment systems, it does not suppress or affect the function of other organs of the body. Instead it stimulates the already available natural force.


Various side effects that can be caused due to Anticholinergics are

  • Constipation
  • Hallucination
  • Confusion
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurry vision
  • Decreased saliva

Sleeping pills

Taking sleeping pills have also been linked to the loss of memory.

People taking these pills have reported a strange phenomenon known as ‘Ambien amnesia” or “ Ambien blackout”.

Taking these pills they reported to perform strange activities while being unconscious with no remembrance of it the following day.

As research tells, these pills as opposed to their contrary belief does not provide a restorative sleep. Instead, the recorded brain pattern activity showed such persons to be unconscious, drunk or in a coma like state.’

Further these pills make you addictive whereby you find it difficult to sleep without them

Next instance, where these sleeping pills can prove harmful to your body is when they are taken along in combination with other prescription drugs.


How Homeopathy Can Help Relieve Your Sleep Concerns?

A homeopathic remedy looks to your mind, body and soul in its complete entirety. Sleep concerns are eradicated from their root cause.

For instance, if a past trauma is causing you to have sleepless nights, a homeopathic remedy to help relieve you of theta trauma might be recommended first.

Similarly if you are not able to express anger , an appropriate remedy might be suggested for that as well.

A homeopath is not concerned with prescribing you a long list of remedies but also suggests lifestyle and eating behaviors that can help supplant your efforts.

As homeopathy for memory loss remedy works at the causative level, here you will not face any recurring pattern of the disease/illness as with the case of conventional pharma.

Yes, many people still take these pills for instant short term relief ignoring completely their impact in the long run.

But a treatment that is safe not only adults, but infants, children and elderly as well is homeopathy.

Homeopathy  does not directly interfere with any of the sleep processes but covers the missing information that is causing this abnormal behavior in the form of sleep loss.

Once that cause is removed from your being , a balance is created in your vital force.

This balance once again revives the normal functioning of your sleep cycle.


Homeopathic remedy system offer remedies for a variety of neurological conditions such a

  • Concentration problems
  • Dementia
  • Brain development
  • Memory loss in old age
  • And many more

Cholesterol-Lowering drugs

Some of the cholesterol lowering drugs have an adverse effect on our memory.

For some of the health conditions such as high cholesterol levels, these drugs are prescribed.

But research has shown that it increases the probability of having a memory loss manifold.

So why are cholesterol lowering drugs prescribed?

High cholesterol levels are not good for your heart health and can block arteries causing a heart stroke.

These are some other conditions for which you might be prescribed with a statins

  • When you are under the risk of having heart attack or stroke
  • When bad cholesterol is high
  • Have age in between 40-75
  • Have diabetes.


Why Low Cholesterol Levels Cause a Problem?

¼ th part of our brain is also composed of cholesterol. This cholesterol is required  to make a variety of neurotransmitters even the ones linked to memory and learning.

Even some research has shown that high total cholesterol levels are in fact good for our memory.

It is strange that these drugs are still taken.

But if you are here, I would highly recommend you to opt for homeopathic natural remedy  for your high or low cholesterol levels.

By staying closer to natural healing modalities such as homeopathy you are in safe hands as homeopathy has negligible or no side effects.

For all this to work effectively, consult an experienced homeopathic practitioner.


If you still have any doubt or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message at and I will get back to you soon.

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